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Centennial Peaks Hospital
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Everyone Deserves the Finest Health Care!
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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Cenntenial Peaks CEO Elicia Bunch contacted me the other day.

She seemed a decent person who wants to do right.

She was interested in doing the food better. I explained how it had been done on other psych wards I had been on.

She was interested also in using more holistic remedies like vitamins.

We're going to meet.

But I insisted that first the unit must be shut down. The doctors are incompetent, cruel, ignorant, and arrogant. The staff except for the marvelous TONI takes their cue from the doctors. 

And when you have read this account of ECT at Cenntennial I think you will agree too.

And I know some other people who want to tell their stories.

If you are Elicia and you are reading this, I apologize for being so
aggressive but this a life and death matter. It is. You work with me and shut it down and I will praise you to the skies, I will. No hatred here. It's about people's lives, people's health, that's all.

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