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Centennial Peaks Hospital
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Everyone Deserves the Finest Health Care!
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Friday, December 25, 2015


UPDATED: Check out my recent email sent to CEO Elicia Bunch prior to arranging a meeting on my Welcome page. I ask her to shut down the ECT, transition to new staff and work with me to make her ward the best in the country. Otherwise I will continue with my mission here and elsewhere to spread the word so that I can keep as many people as I can away from the torture and abuse of CPH's Acute Impatient Ward. I appeal to the CEO's better instincts and I hope that she will rise to the occasion.


skoosh, NaN/NaN/NaN
My daughter was held at this hospital AGAINST both parent's wishes and their treament of distraught parents was unforgiveable. Frankly, I've encountered pitbulls with more compassion than their intake staff and rate the whole experience right up there with watching my brother die. The doctor refused to answer my calls and the only treatment my daughter recieved there was "generic" at best. They billed my insurance company over $3000, not to mention a huge copay from us. There should be a huge sign on their front door: BEWARE.....

DO NOT GO HERE - 1950s practices, unsafe, abusive, nontherapeutic by 
anon, NaN/NaN/NaN
I'd give this hell hole a negative star if I could. I was sent there for suicide attempts. I was held against my well strapped to a bed. I was not allowed a change of clothes, shower, or food. They took me off my meds to see what would happen. Are you kidding me, that is very dangerous and I got very sick. I only saw psychiatrist once in 6 days. When I got to eat it was brought to me and practically thrown at me by the staff. My roommate was meth addict who was coming down and I had to stay awake with my eyes open for fear of another break down of theirs. The place smelled of urine and the staff was uncaring. I've never been so scared in my life. I got no medicine or treatment just abuse. THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT OCCURED IN THE 50S! My parents had to threaten a lawsuit to get me out. They were milking my insurance. This place is evil and should be torn down. I still have nightmares and will never forget. They wouldn't let me talk to my regular doctor nor my parents.

Bad call in discharge by 
Bad call to release, NaN/NaN/NaN
Our child was there and released against our feelings about it. I was told that he would need to stay there for 30-90 days and that when he would be released it would need to be to a supervised place. Within 48 hours of that call it was determined that his insurance would not cover the stay and we got the call that our child was being released that day. I begged and pleaded with them about our conversation the last 48 hrs and gave them examples of our child's behavior and why he should not be release. They would not listen. They release him and four days later he was involved in an accident that killed someone.

stay away by 
stay away, NaN/NaN/NaN
I was misdiagnosed and mistreated. Left worse off than when I came

Bad Place to go by 
Kelly, NaN/NaN/NaN
I have had 2 of my kids in this facility. I hated it! I really needed some help because they were "cycling" off of each other and the professionals in this hospital did not help me to find the help I needed with them. I later found out that I should have been directed to pathways by the team here who were working with me. They did not even mention this to me as an option. My kids were diagnosed as being skitzoeffective and bipolar - they were hospitalized numerous times in a years period and this facility had my oldest one at least 3 times in that year and still did not give us the help we needed. The final option that they gave to me with her was to send her to a teens homeless shelter!

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