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Saturday, July 2, 2016



Dear Yelp People,

I understand the reasons for your algorithm and the fact is I personally find algorithms quite fascinating. I’m actually
writing a novel about Alan Turing and I have done research into the Entcheidungsproblem which is where algorithms
were first formulated. Did you know that algorithms were first formulated to prove that certain mathematical problems
were in fact unsolvable?

Fortunately, I have a problem you might want to help solve.

 I believe there is a case in which an exception to your algorithm could be made because it could save lives.

Please check out this listing.


I don’t know if you or a loved one has ever been in a barbaric hospital, one that forces people to undergo electro shock
therapy without their permission, in which the staff our cruel, ignorant, and incompetent, denies people their medication,
gives them the wrong medication, makes no dietary provisions for people with severe allergies, lets violent patients run loose, forces people to stay longer than legally allowed, and overbills.

If you were there yourself, as I was, wouldn’t you be frustrated that 22 reviews, none of them fake, most of them
detailing this kind of barbarity are not recommended? So that someone who is in a hurry will turn to the entry and
see it has three stars and two highly positive reviews they might think the place is safe. When it is not safe. 

In my community we have had a suicide because of malpractice at this facility.

Yelp has such a great power to do amazing good and to create community. People rely upon your reviews, and rightfully so, to help them make decisions.

Parents need to know what has happened to children here.

Spouses and lovers need to know what has happened here.

It is my life mission to make it safe for people who need treatment. I do not have millions of dollars. I do not have a huge organization.

Can you please help me save lives by making the 22 reviews (yes even the positive ones) figure into the actual
rating calculation and make them fully and automatically visible?

Do you have hearts? I hope you.

Are you willing to use your abundant brains to hack your own system?

If Alan Turing had gone into Centennial Peaks in a suicidal state, I am sure he would have faired poorly too.

We are not just crazies who don’t matter. Everyone matters. I happen to be an internationally respected scholar who
contributes to my community in so many ways. But again no one should be treated badly.

I think it is exciting to be part of such an influential company where you can really make this world better.

I can’t force you to do anything and I’m not into threats. I do know your algorithm has gotten a huge amount of flak lately.
Some say that people are gravitating away from your site and are not posting reviews anymore.  Ford wouldn’t listen
to anybody when he marketed the Edsel either.  Chevy didn’t bother to realize that Nova in Spanish meant “not go.”
I’m sure Myspace thought they were going to last forever too. I’ve studied marketing extensively and it is nothing
short of amazing the poor decisions made by promiment companies. The Nazis were convinced that they
had a perfect system and in fact it was certain features that they thought were the finest part of it that created
the loophole for them to be broken.

I will really really praise you on my social media if you help out. 

But I know that sometimes I can’t make things happen because companies will give some excuse.

I will close with the thought that doing something difficult and courageous is its own reward sometimes. 

Forget for a second that you are trying to justify what your company does and see yourself as human being who is in
position to leave this world a better place than they found it.

Think it over. If Alan Turing could break the Naval Enigma, surely you can find a way to restore those reviews. 

Yours sincerely,
Naomi S S Jacobs PhD

Friday, July 1, 2016



As you can see, this institution continues to be a disgrace and a health hazard

Todd A.

This institution is a joke. They should be investigated. My spouse went in to lean more about the outpatient program as she does suffer from bipolar. She had a bad day last Monday and although we have many plans and measures in place any time she is up or down we thought it would be good to find some alternative options. NO where on the web site or during her consultation (to see if she was a good fit for their program)  did they disclose they could hold her or that the possibility was there. She answered the questions accurately as how can one seek the right help if they lie. This was Thursday BTW!. She had a bad Monday and has countless times prior she does get suicidal thoughts. We know her patterns and we have a plan if we ever feel they would be more than just thoughts.  They had her fill out the forms, then recommended the 5 week program. She said she only ever needs about a week or two at the max when on her way back up but not 5 weeks. The minute she stated this, they detained her for having suicidal thoughts in the last 72hrs. In Colorado it states "imminent danger" not suicidal thoughts, they can hold someone. She posed no threat, to herself or others, she actually had a great day that day. WE had a amazing weekend planned, fathers day, comic con, WWII Ball, Pride and a small trip I had taken off for to surprise her.  They did not sit down and thoroughly talk to her to assess if she was a threat, They went off of one question and answer, that is not enough to hold someone for 72hrs.  If anything they are going to make her worse, this is going to be detrimental to her missing out on this weekend we've been planning for close to 6 months,.....6 months. The guilt she will now feel I can't imagine. They don't make people better, they help make people worse. If they are the Dr. they should have seen she was fine. We know her patterns better than anyone, but did they talk to the family NO!!!. The minute she didn't want to do the 5 week program @ 200 per day, they booked her. They baited her with this program, so that no matter what she did they got their money. They are an insult to institutions. I will be filing complaints, and seeking a lawyer. People can have thoughts, we all do, knowing about them, and their patterns, and overall well being, they cared not to find out, that is how you know if someone is truly unwell and needs to be held. They lied, hid, and tricked her so no matter what they got money. This could forever impact her for life, the guilt she will have from going into a basic question and answer ...trying to plan ahead if she ever did need help...voluntarily looking for additional options for the future. No she's going to dread these places, be scared they would ever do this again, she may never forgive herself for going in there to find out information. This place destroys anyone that they want money from, shell out money and your good, don't and they ruin you.
**Added Note- (as everyone can make an error, but her "thoughts" were Monday morning , she went in to find out information Thursday evening. In all technicality she had not had suicidal thoughts in the last 72hrs, they didn't even ask when she had her thoughts, if they had, they would have been over 72hrs old. So again, they don't care, they just want money)**

Joe S.
Denver, CO
1.0 star rating 4/18/2016
My recent stay was the most horrible hospital experience of my life.  The so called doctors don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and the social workers are the worst.  I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this place.  The only thing that they were successful at was screwing up my meds.  Are you looking for doctors with no compassion that could care less about your basic needs?  Then this is the place for you!

Aurora, CO

1.0 star rating 3/17/2016
Stay away from this hospital, no matter how eager to get help you are! This place has severely traumatized me rather than helped me. It is a shame that it is named a hospital. CPH's H stands for hell. I'd give it -100 stars if I could.

I was there for inpatient treatment. Their operation was disorganized and careless about the patients. They seemed greedy to hold on to any patient who can afford them and let go those who can't, even when the latter obviously shouldn't leave. They like to sell ECT to patients, regardless how many patients were damaged by it. I had a social worker and a psychiatrist who were extremely incompetent and unethical. They and the entire hospital were coercive and had a god complex. They misdiagnosed me and forced me to cooperate with their mistreatment. The facility was extremely cold. Beyond normal cold. So cold that even their own staff wrapped themselves in blanket, when they only gave patients thin blankets to sleep with and refused to change their a/c. I was not allowed to dry my hair before bed, so the extremely cold air blew on my wet hair all night long. It was torture. They've done enough to screw up my life because of their lack of professionalism and refusal to do the right things. They have left me so traumatized that I no longer trust any mental health professional and am just barely living. I was better when I was first admitted. I've heard from many others about other patients that were hurt by CPH. I think that this place probably believes that they can get away with everything because most patients won't come out for privacy reasons; and even if they do, they will be easily discredited due to the mental disorder labels. Well, I believe that a class action should be called to take this place down.

West Pines Hospital is a better option, if you are considering one.

Kimberly S.
Thornton, CO

The help I received in IOP was wonderful, truly helped me to stop repeating by addictive habits and helped me to understand my disease and how to successfully mange it.  

Obviously, this treatment costs money, but everyone should be completely informed as to exactly how much they will need to pay in order to receive services.  I was told my insurance would cover everything, except a $25 copay.  I said great, I can do that, and paid every time I went.  A month after I completed treatment I was sent statements that I owed $575.  How is this possible? I called the hospital and spoke to billing, Britney said that it is really up to me to know my benefits and they just called my insurance as a courtesy, "she's sorry", but can't do anything about it.  Be careful, what they tell you is your responsibility, may not really be the case.  When I came to Centennial Peaks, I needed help, I was very vulnerable and I wasn't thinking I needed to double check my insurance coverage.  Now I am stuck owing twice what I had budgeted into my family expenses.

At this point, I am upset and feel taken advantage of when I was down...If I had known my cost would have been double what I was told, I could have made an educated decision wether to stay for treatment or not.  I was not given that option.

Jan T.
Denver, CO
1.0 star rating 2/20/2015
This hospital has a policy of no therapist contact with patients. Even if the patient requests it, the parent request it (with a minor) and it is therapeutically indicated. Apparently hospital convenience is more important than patient care.

Bri W.
Henderson, CO
1.0 star rating 2/17/2015
This hospital is very poorly functioning. I've been here a total of four times, and all of my expeirences had been great until my last one. My doctor was absolutely rude and insulting. My social worker was constantly threatening me to send me to the State Hospital, despite her knowledge of there being no open beds there. The charge nurse turned everything into a power struggle. I'm not saying that I was perfect in this situation, because I wasnt. I was in a very tough place in my life and I'm certain that I was difficult to handle. However, if you are going to choose to work in a PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL with ADOLECENTS, please please please, learn some common courtesy. While here, I was put on a "desk program" in which, I had to sit at a table, doing packets while everyone else was in group. Not only is isolation a trigger, but I voiced this several times. My doctor didn't seem to care too much and would not change my medication, despite my suicidal thinking getting worse. She seemed to think everything was a joke. And don't get me wrong, a few of the staff were actually very nice, but a majority of the staff members made my stay a living hell. I left here feeling worse than I did before admission. As far as the three previous hospitalizations here, they gradually got worse, however, Dr.Carlson is amazing and helped me greatly.

Robert C.
Greeley, CO
1.0 star rating 2/13/2015   Updated review
This won't be a recommend review because it's not favorable. All bad reviews get called not recommended. This shows these reviews are bised. I am waisting my time telling you not to take your loved one there. Of course my wife ended up there on her owned. This place is sick as she is.

1.0 star rating 2/13/2015  Previous review I notice that reviews that are of an negative nature are not recommend. That is not a true review.… Read more

James R.
Littleton, CO
1.0 star rating 1/31/2015

After researching extensively for mental health treatment inpatient for a client, I decided to send my client to Centennial Peaks for treatment. The client experienced a very unprofessional interface with front desk staff, then had an extremely rude and uncaring interaction with the intake department whom bluntly stated,"Why did you even come here - we don't take your insurance" The staff gave no thought to the mental health status of the client at the time and didn't offer any resources or alternatives.


Darlene B.
 Estes Park, CO


PARENTS think twice about evaluating your child here.  They will commit him/her without your input.  We were seeking outpatient treatment for anxiety/depression and came to do an evaluation of the program to enroll.  We had let them know that our teen had a suicide scare a year ago before coming.  We had spent months building trust with our son to be honest about his depression.  We asked him to be totally transparent and he was.  A counselor decided he should be held for 72 hours and not one person interviewed us parents to gain more information or understanding.  Everything we worked on with our son was shattered in that moment.  I doubt he will ever trust a mental health professional again and now we are left to treat him on our own.  Think twice about trusting anyone with your child's metal health.  They may be more interested in mitigating liability issues than in your kid's well being.


I voluntarily checked myself in to centennial peaks to get sleep medication and was not only treated poorly, but i was given the wrong sleep medication and was forced to pop, injected benzos and take sleeping aids. Because I hadn't slept in days, I was feeling delusional.. They're answer was whadya know... MORE DRUGS! Thy gave me an anti-psychotic (I'm not even schizophrenic) and I ended up turning into a zombie walking around and head butting a staff member. (I have no recollection of this). At that point they put me in the isolation room and restrained me to the bed and locked the door. they left me in there for over 4 (or so I'm told)  hours until they finally came and checked on me to see how I was doing. I was unconscious and unresponsive. At this point they realized I was OD'ing. I was flight for lifed to another hospital Denver where they saved my life. I was unconscious for well over 28 hours. I wish this on no one. Please don't go here.

Littleton, CO


I was forcibly incarcerated at this place, and while that may have something to do with my hatred of it, it goes far, far beyond that. 

I was assigned a psychiatrist to talk to, and in my three day stay, I met with him twice for a total of about five to ten minutes. He used that time to guilt trip me for daring to ask for help for my anger issues. He said "I guess you know not to say those kinds of things, huh? This is a real life lesson for you, isn't it?" in the most condescending "you're an awful person" manner that he could. I would go into meetings relatively happy (because I made some friends there) and leave feeling like a psychopath. 

Dr. Fuller was his name. 

The food? Atrocious. It was so bad that I lost half a pound every single day that I was there. The group therapy sessions (and that's all you do all day except for meals and some brief moments of free time. Skip one therapy session and guess who doesn't get to go outside for their break?) were completely boring and pointless, save for one or two that were actually run by people who cared. 

A nurse named Beit for one. She was the shining example of what to do in a place like that, e.g. treat people like they're humans with real emotions and not cattle. She was one of the three or four people there who actually grasped that novel concept, and she was easily the best person there in terms of staff. They should all follow her example. Dead serious, no sarcasm. 

Let's not ignore the time when one of the patients who was larger than I was by a lot, had an anger attack and started ranting. Naturally they told all of us to go to our rooms, even the people who had to walk within two feet of a ranting, furious person who, if he had wanted to attack, would have had no problem doing so. I brought it up that this was freaking dangerous, but they didn't care. I was sobbing behind the dresser in my room and a doctor came to check on me. As in to make sure that I was physically okay. Screw how I was emotionally. I'm sobbing in a corner and scared out of my mind, but who cares?

I went into that place not by choice because some paranoid people thought it would help me, and I left scared, untrusting of people in positions like that, and angrier than ever. One woman who had epilepsy was denied her medication for three days and, wouldn't you know it, had a seizure! As an epileptic myself, I'm quite thankful that they allowed me my meds. 

Now don't misinterpret me. I'm not saying that the place is run by Nazis and now I feel like I know what the Jews went through during the Holocaust. I'm not saying that in the slightest. I was treated like a criminal even though I hadn't done anything. Precious few people on the staff had any empathy, you know, the one thing that I think would be most important in a job like that, and it was a prison. 


Nancy S.
Broomfield, CO


STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!  This is a poor excuse for help.  They brag about having compassion,  the staff is extremely rude, uncaring with a total disregard for professionalism.  They look at you with blank faces give inaccurate information and leave you feeling helpless.  They are not concerned for the welfare of patient or  family.  It is impossible to speak with ANYONE about circumstances or get explanations about care being given to family member, they will hold you WITHOUT CAUSE and claim "safety"   BE WARNED!! This is not the place to get help!


Pk D.
Denver, CO

I read a lot not negative reviews on this hospital, but I gave them the benefit of doubt and put my son here for help. I should have paid attention to the reviews! I feel the staff lacks professionalism and ethics. Only thing we gain was huge bill! I would not recommend this hospital.