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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrong Meds Part Two

The wrong meds I was given at Centennial for a UTI destroyed the good bacteria in my gut (the last thing you want to do to someone with a mental health challenge) without actually addressing the UTI because they did not ask me some basic questions.

I only found out subsequent to my stay from the written records that they had given me the antibiotic Bactrim for a UTI.

If they had informed me, I could have told them the following even in a psychotic state:

1) I almost always have a elevated level of e.coli in my bladder. It does not reach the kidneys. In this case, it was better not to treat it with antibiotics at this time because most of one's serotonin (an essential neurotransmitter very important for bipolar stability is created in the gut.)

2)  The last few times I did take antibiotics for UTI, my cultures were resistant to Bactrim. Bactrim was definitely the wrong choice if one were to go the antibiotic route.

3) If they are going to go that route, it is essential to give me a probiotic to save my intestinal flora.


And this bad med episode is just the beginning!

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