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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrong Meds Part Three

Blood pressure is an interesting thing. When it gets really high (and Seroquel can cause this), the temporary use of Western medicine can be helpful especially if like me you may have compromised kidneys. But not all blood pressure meds are alike. You don't just throw one of them at someone without research. Here's the story of me and the wrong blood pressure med at Centennial.

It was like this. They told me that they wanted me to take Coreg. No explanation as to why they chose this particular medication. I told them that my kidney doctor and my psychiatrist had determined that the best high pressure med for me was Verapimil. But of course why listen to a patient? So I figured that I should at least research this Coreg. I asked the nurse present to please get a PDR (Physician Drug Reference -- it's like the bible for medications that is used by doctors). She got me the equivalent. Sure enough I read about it and found two reasons that made it a nonoptimal choice for me: 1) it was not good for my blood sugar, already compromised by Seroquel and 2) it was not indicated for someone with kidney issues like myself.

From this short story we learn that there is no scrupulous intelligent thought process governing meds at Centennial Peaks. 

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