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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrong Meds Part Five -- Most Egregious!

You do not, ever ever stop someone cold turkey on Lithium. But that is just what Centennial Peaks did. This was the reason I had to get myself out of there as soon as I could. So I could take the meds I needed. Shocking? Yes. Here's the story.

As chronicled in Eva Edelman’s volume,  Natural Healing for Bipolar Disorder, just about every bipolar person and arguably most people need some kind of lithium in their diet. Countries with higher lithium in their water tend to have fewer people with mental illness As Edelman’s book shows, lithium orotate is a more bioavailable form than the typical lithium carbonate and is highly recommended as it is more powerful at smaller dosages. Lithium is amazing medicine, and when in the orotate form that is safer, it is still the gold standard for bipolar disorder. Seroquel can stop the mania, but it is lithium that maintains the balance and is the best medication for bipolar proven to prevent suicide  It is known that bipolar patients who have recently experienced mania are at higher risk for suicide.

Patients are always told that they should never never suddenly stop taking lithium. According to the WebMd page on lithium carbonate, Stopping lithium therapy suddenly increases the chance that symptoms of bipolar disorder will return. The dose of lithium should be reduced gradually over at least 14 days.

Yet, I was denied access to lithium, a drug I have been faithfully been taking since May 12, 1991. This is about as criminal as denying insulin to a diabetic.

The unit allowed me to take my usual dosage of Lithium Orotate for one night and then decided to stop it because the lab could not ascertain whether the pills were in fact lithium orotate. Very well,
the unit has that right. But did they offer me any other form of lithium from their well-stocked pharmacy? No, they did not.

We have now left the realm of mere stupidity and have entered the realm of MALPRACTICE. 

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