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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Negligence and Sleep

Don't you think a Psych Ward would do everything it can to help their patients sleep? Especially since there is such a strong link between sleep hygience and mental health. Apparently not!

I have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Since 2010 I have used a device known as a CPAP nightly which by forcing air down my lungs has done wonders for my sleep. Most people would agree that sleep is essential for one’s health and and my stability in general and many might also know that individuals with psychiatric challenges especially benefit from good sleep. But fewer would know that sleep apnea is in fact linked to Bipolar Disorder.[1] Therefore it would seem that that access to my CPAP would be essential to my treatment.

Although my husband dropped the machine off with a clear label for affixing, I did not receive the device for several days. At first they claimed they did not know it was mine. Then they claimed they found me sleeping without snoring and decided I did not need it after all. In blog posts on medication and supplements I will go into further depth that by denying me an appropriate dose of lithium, fish oil as well as 5HTP my sleep and thus my mental health was further compromised, lengthening my stay in the unit.

[1] Isabella Soreca, Jessica Levenson, Meredith Lotz, Ellen Frank, and David J Kupfer, Bipolar Sleep apnea risk and clinical correlates in patients with bipolar disorder,” Bipolar Disorder 14 (2012): 672-676).

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