Centennial Peaks Hospital

Centennial Peaks Hospital
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Everyone Deserves the Finest Health Care!

Everyone Deserves the Finest Health Care!
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Would you?

Would you want a heart surgeon to operate on you or a loved one who did not know all the latest research? Would you want a brain surgeion to operate on you or a loved who also was not up to date?Would you want an obstetrician or midwife who was stuck in the 19th century to help you or a loved one have a baby?

The knowledge of the doctors I met at Centennial Peaks was vastly inferior to my own, a patient. They didn't even know what lithium orotate was or that Eva Edelman who is at the forefront of
Bipolar Natural Healing considers it superior to lithium carbonate. They didn't even know anything about 5-HTP which supports Serotonin production and is one of the biggest bipolar godsends, depending on your specific profile. They didn't know that gluten free and sometimes dairy free nutrition can literally prevent or reduce mania. And they didn't know that the use of ECT, even today is far from harmless.

If you don't think a mental health patient should be subjected to ignorant doctors, come and join my campaign to shutdown Centennial Peaks Acute Impatient Unit in Louisville, Colorado. And then we can target and educate all the other Bad Psych Wards.

People who are having a tough mental time deserve the very best treatment!

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