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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Wrong Meds Part Four

Did you know that fish oil was so effective in helping bipolar patients that the original study by Andrew Stoll at McLean hospital was stopped short because it was just unethical to deprive the control group of fish oil? Sure there have been further studies saying this and that but my life changed when I started taking fish oil in 1999. 

But there are so important coniderations with fish oil. The first is sourcing. The cheap stuff you can buy could be tainted with all kinds of heavy metals. That is why (and I have no connection to the company) I always go with Nordic Naturals which is third party tested and comes from fish low on the food chain. The other is dosage. One pill is not going to do much for ya. In the original study the patients took 10 grams. I myself take 8 grams  after some 14 years of trial and error. I would say that I need at least 6 grams to sense a meaningful difference.

What did Centennial Peaks do?

They offered me just one gram. I could also tell that the brand they gave me was not Nordic Naturals.
I'm guessing it was probably some cheap stuff not sourced well, but I do not know. So perhaps it was better after all that they did not give me the correct dosage.

Tell me oh tell me do you think the doctors at Centennial have read the Stoll study? Do they appreciate the significance of fish oil fully? Do they care?

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